When Life Gives You Lemons, Change the World! Thank You Christopher, for you have changed the world and made it a better place.

Christopher Greco – Celebrated his 16th Birthday(in the hospital) in April, 2022. A true Autism Warrior. In 2022 Christopher also celebrated 5 Years of Christopher’s Voice – A Charitable Foundation for Autistic Children and their families.

Prior to his confinment to a wheelchair Christopher once loved visiting Davenport Park, (New Rochelle NY) where he could run and be free. Boy does his miss those days!
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Artwork created by little sister Gabbi at age ~8! Gabbi certainly misses her big brother, who she has only seen about 6 times in the last 4 years.
Christopher M. Greco Out Enjoying the Sun and a little fresh air at Elizabeth Seton Children’s, Yonkers NY

Christopher Greco suffers from Autism, Severe Epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome), 15Q Chromosome Duplication Disorder and other Cognitive Disorders. Christopher, once a proud New Rochelle boy and Student at Ward Elementary School is now a resident at Elizabeth Seton Children’s in Yonkers, NY. Christopher, over the course of 5 years has spent over 200 days in ICU either in NYC or Westchester County. In just 5 years Christopher suffered multiple concussions, brain bleeds and other brain trauma caused by falls from drop seizures. Christopher has been intubated several times and Christopher once suffered a severe allergic reaction from a promising seizure med; causing what was believed was Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Some very close calls, but he fights like hell to survive.

Despite his fragile health conditions, at just 16 years old, Christopher’s getting results with amazing contributions to New Rochelle and the world that truly is inspiring and priceless. In just 16 short years, Christopher has contributed more to the world than some do in a lifetime. Christopher was born on Apirl 18, 2006 to Tracy and Christopher T. Greco.

This blog is created to celebrate the on-going work and life of Christopher M. Greco – the Autism Warrior.


December 2022 – Christopher’s Voice funds training for 60 first responders and other municiple workers in Northern Westchester. “It was awesome. Every seat was filled and the feedback was incredible”

April 2022, Christopher’s Voice funds Autism training at the Westchester County Police Academy.

April 11, 2022 Detective Christopher Greco (retired New Rochelle Police Detective and former New Rochelle Police PBA President) greets over 90 first responders at the Westchester County Police Academy and introduces Gary Weitzen
Gary Weitzen – P.O.A.C. (New Jersey) has the full attention of the class!

Some Photos of Christopher Greco through his years of autism, from Home in New Rochelle to hospital life.

Christopher Greco Leading the New Rochelle Thanksgiving Day Parade
Christopher’s Last Visit to his favorite school before permenant hospitalization, Ward Elementary School, New Rochelle NY – New Rochelle Police Autism Patch Challenge and William Ward Elementary School Celebration of World Autism Day with regional first responders on hand for a meet and greet with the students – created by Tracy Greco
Christopher’s last trip to NYC before permenant hospitalization.
Christopher Greco Out and About Rocking the New Rochelle Football Gear! Once a great outdoorsman, now confined to a hospial bed or wheel chair.
Christopher Greco gets a surprise visit from New Rochelle Police!
Christopher and Gabriella enjoying the sunshine and a great meal together!
Once a great climber!
No longer able to walk, Christopher is confined to a hospital bed or wheelchair! Funny How Life Works
Life is Hard, but Christopher fights like hell and has always weathered the storm and persevered.
Too many close calls…
From This to This in a few short years.
Gabbi making the Autism Sensory Kits for First Respnder Agencies
Gabbi honoring her brother by donating her time distributing Senosry Bags to First Responders at the Autism Training for Westchester County.
From This – Christmas at Home with Grandpa to
To every Christmas, holiday and birthday in a hospital since 2018
But before the nightmare of hospitalization started, It was the Isle of Sans Souci Life! Christopher out enjoying the sun, the beach and the pool!
Christopher enjoying the pool at the Isle of Sans Souci.

The nightmare begins! Christopher’s first trip to New Rochelle Hospital. Christopher Greco – The Autism Warrior be continued!
Christopher getting a good cleaning from mom!
A little NFL playoffs with DAD! Lets go Bills!
After 100 Days in ICU – Autism Warrior Christopher Greco gets his first visit from his little sister.
Inspired by Christopher, in 2017 the New Rochelle Autism Patch Program was born and since then it is estimated that over 500 police, fire and ems agencies from the throughout the United States have participated (some each year). Although it is nearly impossible to track every fundraiser, we have estimated that over $1,000,000 has been raised because of this program and donated to local autism programs. The Autism Patch Program requires that local first responders review their guidelines on responding to calls for service that involve autistic people, annaul training on autism and fundraising (by sales of autism patches, shirts or challenge coins). Follow this link to see some of the fundraisers and agencies that have participated.


To View New Fundraisers from 2023 Click Here!

In 2019 Christopher’s Voice held its first Autism Training Block at Iona College, New Rochelle NY. An estimated 100 first responders from throughout Westchester County attended the training. The training was so successfull that it is now hosted by the Westchester County Police Academy. Since 2018 we have estimated that Christopher’s Voice is responsible for funding training for over 450 first responders on autism detection and response.
2021 Autism Training for First Responders
2022 Autism Training for First Responders
Christopher’s Voice has committed to training every new police recruit in Westchester County. This is the 2022 rookie class!
A special Thank You for Christopher’s Voice
Christopher’s Voice – The Struggle and Journey Continues!
January 2023, New Rochelle NY – Christopher’s Voice Funds 12 Months of Angel Sense GPS Tracking Devices for 10 Autism Families. Christopher’s Voice is still being heard despite his day to day fragile medical conditions.

February 2023 – 61 New Recruits Trained on Autism Detection and Response. Funded by Christopher’s Voice! Over 500 Westchester County First Responders trained since 2019 and funded by Christopher’s Voice. Despite his declining Health, Christopher Michael Greco’s work and mission are still getting done.
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Waiting for Spring to Bloom and Dreaming of Better Days!

Finally, a little sunshine and fresh air after months of being cooped up in his hospital. April 2023

Although they only see eachother a few times a year, Christopher had a special visit from “Big” sister Gabbi on Palm Sunday!

April 2023 – Another 60 police officers from throughout Westchester County recieved vital Autism Training! Since 2019, because of Christopher’s inspiration, Christopher’s Voice has funded training to ~550 first responders in Westchester County.

Christopher is the Leader of the Band! Leading the way in Westchester County by improving the lives of autistic children and their families. When life gives you lemons, you change the world!

May 2, 2023 – Christopher’s Voice provides a free Angel Sense GPS Device and free two years of service to family of Autistic child who eloped from safety and wandered onto the train tracks! He is a lot safer today because of Christopher.

August 3rd 2023 – Christopher’s Voice donates another Angel Sense Device and two years of service to local family whose 4 year old child was reported to be at risk of wandering.

Despite Christopher’s deteriorating health and despite their own personal heartbreak and hardships, the Greco’s continue to give their son a purpose and a voice.